Sunday, October 18, 2015

Jewelry Trend for 2015 and Beyond: The Brooch

Everybody's talking about it...the BROOCH! It's the "it" accessory for fall 2015 and I'm positive it will carry over much farther into 2016 and beyond.

Check out these recent runway looks:

From left to right: Fausto Puglisi, Edun, Balenciaga, Prada and Luisa Beccaria. Photos: Imaxtree

Dolce & Gabbana F/W15

Now, if this trend conjures up images for you of cute little circular conservative pops of sparkle, typically worn high on the shoulder, let me be the one to tell you, a brooch can be so much more! Once you spend some time really studying all the different aesthetic styles of this versatile piece of adornment and how it can be used in so many different ways, you may just be hooked for life! 

Take some of the pieces from our collection for example. Like this piece by Mazer with big glass "fruit salad" stones, clear faceted crystals, and some swirling metal elements that give it a highly feminine look. The glass stones allow the color of your garment to show through. Can we suggest pairing it with a tailored blazer, mildly distressed jeans and a pair of pumps?

Say, with something like this: 

Source unknown

Here's another example that would work great with this look. This is another vintage designer piece, this time by the well known company Boucher. Such nice depth in this piece and a great combination of fantastic design and a bit of sparkle. Not too girly but highly attractive!

Or, you could also go with something like this for yet a slightly different look with a bit of sentimentality. This piece is a traditional Norwegian silver Solje brooch. Typically given as wedding gifts, the gold colored metal "spoons" are thought to reflect evil away from the wearer. Some sources say they are possibly also a reflection of how many children a couple will have.

If you like dangles, here is a statement piece with a girandole like structure.

This piece is just amazing. Take a look at the side view. The emerald glass stones are raised off the heavy brass backing with large metal prongs.

Or how about something exceptionally interesting like this vintage frog brooch with little starfish for feet and peackock eye art glass eyes? Cute, isn't he? 

And here's a fun piece! This flower is in the Brutalist style. Likely a Canadian made piece, it is a rare example of jewelry made in this style that actually resembles a form. In this case, a flower. 

Want to add some femininity without going overboard? Here's a glass flower pin that is both a brooch and a pendant! And it's made by Trifari. A company known for quality and design. 

So pretty with your summer pastels!

Or maybe you prefer something a little more quaint like this sweet petit point pin.

If size and detail are important to you, you might consider something like this bold but feminine brass floral brooch with a twisted metal border

Here's how I chose to wear this one for a day out shopping on the Ave. 

If sparkle is your thing, you could choose to wear something like this 60's piece that resembles a leaf.

Or perhaps something outstanding like this unsigned 1960's glam designer piece from the Juliana line by DeLizza and Elster?

Of course you could always channel your inner mid-century modern style with something like this groovy wood and silver cat pin

And one more...just for fun! A great 1940's vintage piece by Coro. A magnificently designed piece with charm and sophistication. Just think of the personality it would add to that blazer and jean combo! Perfection!

The brooch. So many different shapes, styles, and finishes! And vintage is the way to go if quality and design are important to you. Whether designer signed or not, you're sure to find something that speaks to you. 

Which style do you like? Do you currently wear brooches? If not, do you think you might in the future given their current popularity? Tell us in the comments below!

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UPDATE: See our newest post on Totally Modern ways to Wear a Brooch.


  1. I think brooches are beautiful and they can be that finishing touch your outfit needs. I buy broken vintage brooches and give them a new life because I hate to see something so stunning finish its life in landfill. I have a brooch that was my Nan's and it is sterling silver birds in flight with small stones, I adore it :-)

    1. Brooches are like little works of art! And you can't beat the sentimentality of an inherited piece. Thanks for your comment! :-)