Tuesday, November 26, 2013

5 Great Reasons To Shop Vintage This Holiday Season!

There are so many reasons to shop vintage this holiday season! 
Here are our top five:

1. Give Special and Unique Gifts

Seriously, who else in your circle do you know who is going to go out and get someone some cute 1960's Christmas ornaments or (obviously I'm biased) a beautiful1940's Christmas brooch?

2. Invest in Quality Lasting Treasures

You can go ahead and spend money on something that was mass produced in China in under a minute or you can give a mini investment to someone you love. Give them something that was produced by hand and has been around for decades. If they get sick of it, the value won't plummet off a cliff the moment it leaves the hands of the seller. There will always be someone who would be interested in a piece of the past.

See what I mean?

3. Vintage is Eco-Friendly!

You know the three R's? Which one isn't covered by buying vintage? EXACTLY!

You can create a greater market for things and stuff and fill our world with more items and plastic packaging which contribute to the Christmas carbon footprint....or you can buy something that was produced years ago and is likely better quality than anything you could buy today for the same price! If it makes you feel more modern and hip, go ahead and call it "eco-chic".

This piece? Produced in the 1930's. It's totally unique and still cool today. What's not eco or chic about it?

4. Support Small Business

Do you really want to give the executives at Nike a bigger Christmas bonus this year? Or maybe you'd like to boost the income of someone who has built up a small niche business from scratch and has spent the last year investing 12+ hours a day in their passion. Do you really want pad the bank accounts of those already living well beyond the average and increase the widening gap between rich and poor? You can encourage creativity and uniqueness in the world and strengthen our economy by supporting those who build something from scratch. Doesn't that sound nice?

5. Inspire Nostalgia and Good Memories

And finally, on our list, but certainly not the final reason to buy vintage, is for the memory. Ever walk around an antique mall listening to people's conversations about the items they see? If you have, you have no doubt heard people's voices raise in excitement when they see a toy or game they used to have or a piece of jewelry like their grandma used to wear or a glass candy dish like the one they gave their mother as a young child. Nostalgia and memories of loved ones and times past is nothing short of priceless. Jog old memories and create new ones by buying vintage this holiday season.

And here's one additional bonus reason to shop vintage comfortably online from home or at the relaxing antique mall during the mall's busiest time of the year:

So go forth! Buy vintage this season...and have a HAPPY HOLIDAY! 


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  3. OMG! Your stuff is absolutely beautiful. I will make sure I share your page.

  4. As a newbie entering the jewelry space, this blog is enlightening. Keep the wisdom coming!

  5. When you invest in beautiful treasures, such as vintage jewellery, you actually put more value on the piece. I agree with your first post, vintage gifts are perfect for Christmas for those who like beautiful trinkets.

  6. Love your post!!
    And you really nailed it with each of the 5 reasons...
    my favourite part of your post is the picture that sais: "Hug a small business owner", since I am one :)
    You made me laugh, so, thank you!

  7. Your article is really great example. I am a small business owner, I think this article will helpful to me.

  8. What I think Vintage jewelry trend never fades away.Also, supporting small business helps a lot to grow a huge population I am in support of it. even I have started my own business on a very small scale of jewelries.

  9. Anonymous3:26 AM

    I totaly agree in what you are saying. Think the eco-friendly argument is lost from the discussion in many forums and is diminished by just talking about looks and design. Its a HUGE help for the enviroment to stop consumning new things and instead buying things from auctions or thrift stores. I scan ebay.com and barnebys.com almost everyday for furniture, vintage fashion, shoes, watches etc. Almost never buy new things anymore and I think many more should do the same. Thank you for an awesome blog! Best Caroline