Saturday, June 15, 2013

When I Grow Up I Want To Be.....Featured on the Advanced Style Blog!

What exactly is a grown-up? How do you know when you're finally an adult? Did you know that most people don't consider themselves a complete grown-up until after 40 and some people never completely feel like an adult (something I read somewhere in my developmental psych materials).

Well, when and if I do grow up someday, I hope to have the confidence and eye for style to dress like the young adults on the Advanced Style blog by Ari Seth Cohen.

Photo By Ari Seth Cohen of the Advanced Style blog

I think the bottom line here, in terms of great style, comes down to three things:

1. Go BIG, go BOLD or go HOME!

2. Dress to please YOURSELF!

3. Don't be afraid of color or pattern or accessorizing...just don't!

Photo By Ari Seth Cohen of the Advanced Style blog

I once saw one of those internet ecard thingies that said, "How to wear vintage: 1. Put it on. 2. Move around.

I thought that pretty much summed it up!

So use these adorable, amazing, inspiring people on this blog as your role models. Be yourself and don't be afraid of standing out or expressing the uniqueness that is you. 

I know I'm inspired.

Photo By Ari Seth Cohen of the Advanced Style blog


  1. Love these guys. They're a great inspiration to me too, though I must say that I favour the women who look like little old ladies the most. I want to be like them some day. I already dress like them.

  2. I tend to favor the elegant and artistic ones. Probably because I wish I could pull off what they do. Working on it!! Thanks for the comment. :-)

  3. I love the Advanced Style blog! They have such great confidence, they are truly inspirational and I hope I can be like them when I'm older!