Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Worth Point Review

Worth Point (dot com) is a website that will apparently tell you what your vintage or antique item is worth. Recently, I am going through a shift in selling. I have an entire room full of vintage items that need to be cleared out from a recently deceased step father who loved to buy anything and everything he could at auction. My husband and I were looking for values of the first box of items: Franklin Mint series "Birds and Blossoms of the World". I signed up for the "free" trial on the Worth Point website which gives you a month of unlimited searching for items on the site for about $50.00 USD. Be careful if you do this! After the 7 days of trial, if you don't cancel, you will have to pay the money for the program you signed up for! After I signed up, it became apparent that the values for the items were based off Ebay auctions and various internet sites that have closed more than three years ago.

So, overall, what I have to say about Worth Point is that it is not worth your money for a number of reasons. First of all, Ebay auctions are not a reliable source for the valuation of your vintage items. Secondly, they base the worth of your item off one auction that closed (in my case) more that three years ago. This does not seem like a realistic valuation of my items. In looking further into Worth Point, it seems that what they do is pull values off different internet sites like Rubylane or Tias or Ebay. So if I have the same item that you have and I have no idea what it is actually worth and I price it at $25.00 on Rubylane or Tias, Worth Point will pick up the sale and state it as a value on their site with no extra valuation expertise or experience. I suggest instead, going directly to rubylane.com or tias.com or etsy.com to get the true internet value of your items. If you do the footwork yourself and take an average of the value of the items sold or listed that are like your item, you will get a better idea of value than if you went only to Worth Point. In addition, you should consider buying some of the many valuable resource books that are available to the general public on the topic of vintage collectibles.

These sites will give you a more realistic view, however, not the full retail value. That is because they are malls with many competing vendors. That is why the values at these sites should be consistently less than book value.

I will continue with my "free" trial and let you know how it plays out. Hopefully I will find some worth in Worth Point.


  1. I love your blog ! I'm obsessed with vintage jewelry as well...I have started to sell my collection...

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  3. Great blog a lot of useful information, keep up the good work!

  4. Anonymous11:59 AM

    hey are you still using worthpoint.com or did you cancel it.
    Ive seen they lowered their price to 14.99 a month for unlimited use now. Was wondering what you thought.

  5. Anonymous, I'm not sure where you are seeing that. I can't find that information anywhere on the main page. In addition, If I click to sign up, it takes me directly to giving them my information without them giving me any about what it is exactly I'm signing up for! Also, some of the links in their main menu lead to other sites which require a new login and fee to use.

    My opinion on this site is that it's deceptive and not very valuable in terms of valuation information.