Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Unusual, Strange, Unique Vintage Jewelry and Value

Why Would You Wear That?!

There are many pieces of jewelry out there the average consumer would look at and think are too strange to wear.  Some might think they are just plain ugly!  But others look at them and appreciate their oddly unique appeal and collectability.

Collectability is individual and is about you, the buyer.  Don't ever let a guide book or dealer tell you the value of something.  You determine market value as a consumer. Only ever pay as much as the item is worth to you and don't buy something just because it has a high perceived market value.  These are some ways you can maintain the actual worth of your collection.

Sometimes, it's these distinct pieces that are worth the most money for a few reasons. First, they often have a strong emotive attachment, meaning that it stirs, in the potential buyer, a strong emotional reaction due to subject matter, uniqueness and/or unconventional beauty.  Also, jewelry that was produced in larger quantities was generally more streamlined, less interesting and easier to construct so unique pieces are harder to come by which increases market value. Sometimes, it takes a strong knowledge of art, design and construction to appreciate a piece so what the average person doesn't see in it, a trained eye might.

Having said that, just because something is bizarre or peculiar, doesn't mean it's worth anything.  There are other factors involved such as availability, designer, construction, condition and  theme. 

Here are some of the strange and unusual pieces I have had over the years.  Do they appeal to you?  Would you wear them? What kind of value would you expect them to have and why? What do you have in your collection that you think would fit in this discussion?  

Whimsical Bakelite Flower Earrings - click to see in store

Lucite bubble ring

Elzac Lucite face brooch


  1. Those flower earrings made me laugh-- they're so horrible I think I'd just have to wear them! Liked your Art Deco blog too, I'm never clear on what that term actually means in jewelry, but I liked your take on it.

  2. Well, believe it or not, they are SOLD! Someone out there is proudly wearing them. :-) Thank you for your comments!

  3. Love the coral snake brooch.

  4. ive been searching for a lot of jewelers scottsdale az that could help me out dispose all these jewelries that ive got but im finding the highest bid possible. thanks for all of your help!

  5. The Elzac Lucite Face Brooch is definitely a standout piece. I love unique and unusual pieces and often use them in shadowboxes. I am really glad there are others who have the same love and appreciation for these great pieces of jewelry!