Friday, December 17, 2010

After a Long Hiatus The Vintage Jewelry Blog is Back!

I do hope you'll join me in discussions on vintage jewelry of every kind! Here are some images to wet your whistle.  ;-)

Plastic and chrome European chunky bracelet.

Unsigned but attributed to Trifari glass flowers bracelet.

HUGE glass cabochons with embedded rhinestone European bracelet as seen in Ginger Moro's book on European jewelry.

Unsigned but recognized as Canadian Designer Robert Larin Modernist pendant. REFERENCE LINK

Unsigned but attributed to Sherman, crystal necklace.

Bakelite flower pot earrings.

Richard Kerr red rhinestone GLAM earrings.

West Germany tile ring.


  1. Chicklus5:57 PM

    The purple glass flower bracelet is Trifari. I have a signed version of the whole set.

  2. I have seen it as Trifari too. However, there are two versions of this similar type design. I think one is by Pennino like this set:

    So one has to be careful with attributions but mine (and likely yours) is clearly different. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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  3. Also, my "HUGE glass cabochons with embedded rhinestone" bracelet has been identified as Kramer.