Saturday, May 10, 2008

Unsigned Sherman Jewelry

Hello! I hope your jewelry finds have been good thus far this summer!

I came across a doozy of a brooch and earring set in the most vibrant fuchsia color. The minute I saw it, my instinct said Sherman but I turned it over and no signature! So does this mean the set is for sure not Sherman? Not at all. There is some misinformation out there that all Sherman jewelry was marked. This is not the case. I have had two pieces side by side and not a difference to them and I do very thoroughly inspect my jewelry. Not only that but in beaded parures with the necklace, bracelet and earrings you'll often only find one piece marked although they have the same workmanship and use the same components and may have even came in the same Sherman box. I have a set like that right now that I'm struggling with as well. In addition, other dealer friends agree that they also have had unsigned Sherman.

So, what do you think about attributing unsigned items to a designer?  Is it ethical?  Should price be affected and if so, how much?


  1. This set is beautiful, and if it's a Sherman, that makes it even more beautiful ... at least for me. Trouble is, I've struggled for months now with 'is it or isn't it?" Since I sell Sherman I generally will never invest in a piece that isn't signed Sherman. At least no-one argues when it's signed. But I recently did buy one piece where the earrings are signed and the necklace isn't. But there's no question these pieces go together. I'll be posting them on my site at SHERMAN JEWELLERY SHOWCASE in the future, or in my blog. So I hope you'll stop by and take a peek!

  2. I did take a peek and I'm sure I've visited your sites before. It's true that people don't seem as interested in the unsigned Sherman so they can be picked up at better prices. I don't like making the attribution unless I'm very sure. This set however is really special on it's own without the signature because of the brilliance of the stones and the gorgeous color but this is best appreciated in person.

  3. Hi Jo-Ann, I just found your blog and love anything I can find on vintage jewelry. I have been collecting for about 5 years and Sherman is by far my favorite. I actually just started my own blog to document my fast growing collection and love of vintage jewelry.

    As far as unsigned Sherman pieces, I'm on the fence, although I will buy any vintage piece signed or not if I love it and it is in great condition. This set is spectacular and definitely worthy of the Sherman signature.

    I will be checking back often.


  4. I think it's pretty understandable to be on the fence about the signed vs unsigned debate.
    Especially if you know the people your jewelry comes from and they say it's a set just like they bought it, in the box, and it looks like it was worn once, which they confirm to be true and only one piece is signed. Yet we have sources that tell us they have good authority to say otherwise. Regardless, if it has the Sherman look, that's what I would be going for as a buyer of jewelry I love to wear. The price I would be willing to pay would be relational to how much I liked it for it's quality and design. That won't be true for everyone but I think this set here is a good example because it is unsigned and so special.

    Let me know when your necklace is added. :-)

  5. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Great blog...very informative and well written. Thanks so much, I'll be back often:)