Saturday, October 10, 2015

Vintage Jewelry Display: Ideas From An Outdoor Market

Recently we had the opportunity to participate in an outdoor market!


I hadn't done a market in YEARS, so given that I had two weeks to prepare, I think it turned out alright! But with more shows planned on the near future, I thought I'd share some ideas and tips for anyone else out there planning on attending their own market or show. And speaking of markets and shows, make sure you visit our Alberta Market Guide For Vintage and Craft Fairs.

Ok, on to the good stuff! 

(above) A DIY step display made specifically for brooches. Made from strips of foam clued together into "steps" and covered with black velvet fabric. Also, a cute sign quickly fashioned from a bit of paint on a couple of pieces of Saskatchewan barn wood.

I LOVE a good display, don't you? Something that grabs someone from a distance and pulls them in. Something with levels, style, color, and of course...sparkle!

This is what I tried to achieve with my display.

Now, I have to preface this by saying that I only had two weeks to prepare and I had nothing ready (including pricing) prior to this. Plus, I have a job...and a baby...and a house...and yard to maintain so there is potential for much more here! Also, I unfortunately forgot an entire box of display items at home including beautiful vintage china and silver that was supposed to take my display over the top. Oh well, I have another show coming up to make those revisions. Make sure to follow this blog for updates and more photos! :-)

The event was the Big Rock Brewery 30th Birthday Bash in Calgary, Alberta. Not something you'd expect to find vintage jewelry at but they graciously hosted a farmer's market with vintage inspired, true vintage, and handmade items. It was such a cute market with so many really talented vendors! Shopping, beer, and live entertainment...what a fun way to spend a Saturday! 

On with the photos!

(above) A basic spinning earring display with clip earrings. It was difficult to find way to display them without having them fall off. I used plastic and velvet earring cards. I cut the bottoms so the clip part would grip the velvet. An even better idea would be to glue some spongy black foam to the cards for the earrings to grasp.

 (above) Photo by Stephanie Arsenault 

(above) A vintage book (The Book of Golden Deeds) with pages folded in to create an attractive ring display.

(above) An old wooden case made into a jewelry display. 

So, all in all, not bad for a first shot at it with very little time to prepare and having forgot an entire box of display items at home. More posts planned for the future including vintage jewelry display inspiration and tips for jewelry shows.

Do you have any good jewelry display ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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