Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Vintage Jewelry Tip - Vauxhall Glass

Here's our tip of the month for January. Do you know anything about his type of glass or have photos? We'd love to post them here!

Vintage Jewelry Tip Of The Month: What Is Vauxhall Glass?

Vauxhall glass was so named from a mirror glass which was made in Britain in the early 1700's at a glassworks which was located in Vauxhall, London. It was most commonly made in a deep burgundy color but other colors existed as well. It is considered quite hard to find because much of it became damaged in wearing. For more information, see A Collector's Guide To Costume Jewelry: Key Styles and How To Recognize Them by Tracy Tolkien and Henrietta Wilkinson. You may also want to check out this information on Vauxhall.


  1. trudybean@aol.com4:41 PM

    i love vauxhall mirrored glass jewelry. there are several pieces up for sale on ebay right now! i own 4 necklaces myself, and i just love it!

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  3. Hi. I have a vintage team member on Etsy that has a gorgeous Vauxhall glass horseshoe pin listed. It is a deep red. The real thing! In amazing condition!

    Not sure if I can leave a link to it or not... but here it is.


    I will also be listing one that is red and purple in my shop. It is an unusual piece, but not in the best shape. :)

    The real Vauxhall jewelry is extremely hard to find.

  4. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Hi vintage team member!! I was just searching for Vauxhall glass & landed on this page. Thank you so much for posting the link to my horseshoe pin. It is the real deal. I made sure of it and had it verified by an expert in another jewelry group.


  5. Tammy - Can I borrow the picture for the blog so when it is sold it will still be accessible for people to see? Thanks for showing it. I have a piece I wondered about. I'll see if I can find a photo. :-)

  6. Anonymous11:16 AM

    I have some pieces of vauxhall glass. One is a necklace in blue with the glass stepped in a deco style the backing is a silver colored metal. The other one is red garnet color and mimics the bohemian style real garnets of that time. I wonder where I could take these to verify that they really are vauxhall?

  7. Hi Jo Ann, You certainly may use my photos, if you will be sure acknowledge me & my shop(s). :-)
    Tammy Grover