Monday, October 16, 2006

Welcome to The Vintage Costume Jewelry Blog!

I am very excited to announce the opening of The Vintage Costume Jewelry Blog!

Bookmark this blog for information, news and discussions covering a wide variety of topics under the broader topic of vintage costume jewelry. Topics may include designer marks, construction, current fashion, hot trends, remakes, design, style and our current findings.

My name is Jo-Ann and I am the proprietor of Vintage Jewelry Girl!
, an online store and resource site for vintage jewelry. That's my picture in the top right corner. It was a professionally done 1940's glamour shot where I was able to dress the part and make like a Hollywood starlet. I am wearing the most gorgeous long rhinestone earrings from a later period. I have been dealing in vintage jewelry for 8 years and am self taught with the help of various excellent internet resources and zillions of books which are the most precious part of my library. I treasure them as much as I treasure my jewelry!

We'll start off with a new find for today which is not yet listed on the site. The brooch above is a pink diamond or square (depending on how it is worn) piece with molded iridescent glass stones. Do you know who made this piece? Leave a comment with your guess and I'll update the blog later to tell you if you were right.

Well, that’s all for today. Take Care!


  1. This is great! I look forward to this blog, as there aren't many yet on this topic. Way to go!

  2. Thank you Vintageradiance! I'm sure that this blog will be quite full as jewelry is my lifetime work and passion. It will just take a little bit of time. In the meantime, any idea who made the brooch in this post? It's a super easy one!

  3. Love your photo! I'd love to get all dolled up like a glamour girl from the 40s and be photographed--what fun!

    I'm excited to see what you have in store for your blog! I don't know much about vintage jewelry (other than I like it, LOL) and I'm always eager to learn more!

  4. Heidi - It was fun to dress up. I found it difficult to make my hair go the way I wanted though. I don't know how they did it back then!

    Anyway, stop by often for updates. I love looking at your thrift store finds. Maybe I'll add some of mine to this blog one day although I think they are mostly collectibles and not jewelry.

  5. I just saw your post to JC tonight, and I am guessing your pin is a Juliana.

    LOVE the blog and your glamour shot is quite glamorous!

  6. Ann is right! The pin is by DeLizza and Elster (sometimes known for their Juliana line). Thanks Ann!

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  8. Thanks for the resource John.

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